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May 8, 2021

Cute and Simple Wedding Centerpieces

As we bid farewell to the winter season, the arrival of spring is upon us all. And that means cute and simple wedding centerpieces galore.

Wedding planners are going all out and about this 2018 with the fabulous use of stunning colors and fascinating materials to deck up those wedding tables. It’s an amalgamation of sheer elegance, sophistication, and positive vibes.

Centerpieces add a touch of finesse to the overall ambiance of your wedding, alongside the floral arrangement and table linen of course. It’s no wonder bride and grooms have turned their attention to stellar pieces that are not only visually appealing but depict a class of their own.

If you happen to be planning a wedding this year, our guide to 2018’s cute and simple wedding centerpieces is just what you need to take your wedding décor up a notch. Let’s take a look.

Trend #1 –A Hint of Marble

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If you’re thinking we’ve lost our minds, think again. Yes, we’re all aware that marble is not only heavy in weight but it’s heavy on the pocket too!

And that’s why you can expect centerpieces that look and feel like marble but isn’t actually the ‘real deal’ to hit those wedding tables. Copper and brass are two metals that flow well with marble, the same case being with textured concrete. That’s why wedding planners are mixing these materials up for an element that depicts raw elegant vibes all the way.

The subtle gray and white color palette give brides the opportunity to contrast other vibrant floral and table elements too. Did we mention that luxurious lustrous finish marble has the ability to showcase on its own?

Trend # 2- The Rise of the Metallics

2017 saw the emergence of silver being widely used as centerpieces at weddings. For 2018, the year calls for the rise of other metallics, copper to be specific.

From copper vases and charger plates to candelabras and votive holders, copper can be utilized as an element of glamour and chic incorporated into centerpieces at weddings.

What’s amazing about copper is how near this metal’s appearance resembles the hue rose gold. Brides who plan on using a rose gold color palette décor for their wedding are sure to experiment with this unique centerpiece trend.

Trend # 3- The Elegance of Chiffon

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Chiffon is a wonderful fabric, known for its elegant appeal, clean appearance and smooth feels. When you’ve got such a wonderful material at hand, why not utilize it for your wedding table centerpieces.

The availability of this fabric to come in numerous colors and its quality to work brilliantly with other décor elements makes chiffon a fantastic investment for wedding planners all year round.

Chiffon can be mixed and matched with numerous metallic hues, floral garlands and a wide array of textures. The options are unlimited before you become surrounded by warm elegant vibes being bestowed upon your wedding atmosphere.

Trend # 4- 2018’s Stellar Flower

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A trending wedding bloom this season is the majestic anemones. These little stunners are the perfect example of how something as simple and cute as flowers can highlight your table décor.

Considered as a prized possession by many, these scentless bundles of joy are available in a wide array of jeweled hues. You can pick your preference amongst vibrant colors, while those with white petals and black centers are termed as a popular favorite in recent times.

Their modern appeal and ultra wedding seasonal look term them as a brilliant showpiece at weddings. And just in case they’re not available due to seasonal fluctuations, opt for some dark centered gerbera daisies instead. They’re just as fabulous.

Trend # 5- Blending it Up

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Monochrome décor trends never seem to fade out of season but 2018 calls for a little mix and match when it comes to simple and cute centerpieces for weddings. We’re talking three hued color schemes to liven up the ambiance.

You could feature half of your wedding venue with reception tables showcasing floral arrangements in three hues. The other half of the venue could possess trios of mini floral elements. These can be arranged in a color of each that corresponds with the color scheme your wedding is based upon.

Trend # 6- Wooden Cubes

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2018’s wedding centerpiece trends revolve around breaking the stereotypes with the use of bold defying colors. Vibrant themed napkins are placed against brighter floral pieces and table linens.

A hint of rustic wooden would undoubtedly be highlighted against a white backdrop but a daring pairing of bright on bright is a sure shot winner in all wedding décor books.

You can also pick amongst eye-catching royal purples, peacock blues, magenta pinks and persimmon. It’s a luxurious appeal like no other, not to mention it being paired against bold blooms. These can range from ever-popular purple orchids, daisies and orange dahlias.

Trend # 7- Steering Clear

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If you’re in search for a little wow factor this year for your wedding table centerpieces, why not incorporate clear elements to tie in all the décor pieces seamlessly together.

Lucite and Plexiglas are two new materials wedding planners are fancying this year for décor and we don’t blame them why. You can come up with cubes and shelvings using them and add levels to it too for a dynamic approach. Each level can be filled with sea rocks, water plants, shells, etc.

If that wasn’t versatile enough, how about suspending clear Plexiglas from the ceiling in the form of little boxes filled with flowers. It can help give the imaginary feeling as if floral is floating in air. There is an endless array of possible combinations to choose from.

Trend # 8- Dynamic Vases

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Flowers definitely get a lot of credit for creating a relaxing stylish mood to a formal event such as a wedding but this year, it’s the trend of the dynamic vases that are causing a stir.

Wedding table centerpieces are revamped with standout vases. You can make use of plain containers covered with burlap fabric that go in line with your wedding’s theme. How about selecting a similar bold pattern in diverse hues? If you happen to be more daring, why not incorporate different patterns in the same color for a fun twist.

Wedding table centerpieces are all about flaunting your wedding theme in style and giving your décor the necessary uplift it requires. 2018 is the year to experiment and surprise your guests with awe inspiring combinations worth every glance. Get these trendy centerpieces from Xquisite Floral Designs.

Cover Image: Pexels