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May 15, 2021

French Art “Impressions Love”

Once upon a time the city of love was silent and still. Twin set of eyes met, hearts fell in sync and love bloomed into a new romantic chapter of life. Cheers to today, tomorrow and their happily ever after.

Imagine whirlwind of emotions and a jittery feeling on a roller coaster ride, all captured as one. That’s what your wedding day feels like. A feeling you wanna bottle up and let go all at once. This wonderful couple preferred simple and a minimalistic wedding that took place in an old speakeasy in Redlands, California. The decor was kept modern with a historical touch making it your perfect California wedding. A pearly white couch with gold accent was a perfect fusion of country charm and vintage decor.

To keep the theme on French southern side, a compassionate blend of floral arrangement was chosen. Summer blooming dahlia paired with their garden relative chrysanthemum, guardian white delphinium, Eustoma for a fresh touch of spring and freesia to symbolise the pure heart of the bride. The aesthetic floral arrangement was complimented further by roses, dried ruscus, stock, moss, smilax and greenery.

From a beautiful bride to a swoon worthy dress, this wedding covered it all. The bride was wearing a stunning off-white gown with minimal details to keep the puffy skirt, the centre of attention. Her natural short curls were enhanced even more by the tiara and the soft makeup made her smile pop even more. The groom stole brides’ heart one more time in his tuxedos.

The bride held an artfully arranged bouquet with carefully curated flowers that matched the backdrop perfectly. Flowers bloomed and petals basked in the glory of her sweet smile.

The center piece featured pure white plates with gold accent and golden cutlery. The lovely flower arrangement brings in romantic vibe and a luxe modern finish to the overall look. A pleasing combination that you don’t want to take your eyes off of.

Her sheer veil pronounces the elegance and timeless beauty of the event and a delicate tiara accentuates a spell-bounding twist that had left the groom day dreaming a beautiful journey with her.

Finally, the bride and groom enjoyed their private moments in a cozy place that had left its impression on their hearts and memories.

Floral Designer: @XquisiteFloral

MUA: @Kreeativebeauty

Stemware & Chargers: @SigPartyRentals

Tables, Chairs & Flatware: @RickysPartyRentals @SweetSalvageRentals

Pillow & Lounge Chair: @HolaModerna

Dress: @katteleine

Model: @ss.sence

Model: @tahir_shakur

Venue: @SpeakeasyonState

Photographer: @Little_Honey_Photography