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July 19, 2023

New 2024 Wedding Colors

Your wedding day is one of the biggest events in your life and it's important for everything to be perfect, from the dress to the flowers, to the decor. One of the most important aspects to consider is the color scheme you want to go for. Trends come and go, so if you're getting hitched in 2024 and want to know what colors will be in style, look no further. In this blog post, we'll explore the top 2024 wedding colors that are sure to make for a beautiful and memorable day.

Classic Blue

2024 will see the return of Classic blue, a color that represents reliability and calmness. A departure from the bold colors often seen in recent years, Classic Blue can be both subtle yet impactful. It blends well with an array of other colors, making it an excellent choice for accessories and floral arrangements. Paired with gold accents, it exudes luxury and elegance.

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Dusty Lilac

Dusty lilac is another top contender for wedding color schemes in 2024. This color exudes a soft and autumnal feel. The muted tone works perfectly in spring and fall weddings, and it can also create a calm, serene vibe for winter nuptials. This shade looks best when paired with neutrals, such as beige or ivory, for a refined and timeless aesthetic.

Earthy Green

Green hues are making their way back into the wedding scene in 2024, particularly earthy greens. This color is perfect for a nature-inspired wedding and can be incorporated into centerpieces, invitations, and bridesmaid dresses. Pair it with gold or silver accents to add a touch of elegance or mix it with other rich colors like burgundy or copper to create a Bohemian vibe.


Magenta will be a popular color for 2024 weddings, particularly for those planning a summer wedding. It is a vibrant and bold color that is perfect for the bride who wants to make a statement. The drama of the color can be dialed up or down depending on how it’s paired and used, which means it can either be the main color or an accent. When paired with a champagne color, it creates a sophisticated yet playful look.


Peach is a color that is perfect for a spring or summer wedding and creates a soft, warm aesthetic. It can be used as the main color or as an accent and pairs well with light blue, ivory or gray. If a rustic vibe is what you're going for, peach can be paired with burnt orange. Choosing peach as a wedding color is a great way to create a combination of a soft, romantic atmosphere with a splash of fun.

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Choosing the right color scheme can make all the difference in the overall atmosphere of your wedding. The colors you choose can transform an event space, evoke emotions, and create lasting impressions in the minds of your guests. With these five 2024 wedding colors, you'll be sure to have a beautiful and unforgettable day. Whether you go for the serenity of Classic Blue or the boldness of Magenta, there’s a 2024 wedding color for every style and taste.